Why we should promote entreprenuership in india


Why we should promote entreprenuership in india

promote entreprenuership in india

This is a very important and serious topic how to promote entrepreneurship in india which i will discussing with you in this blog also i want you to comment your views down below after reading this full article.this is a topic that can empower and boost our economy in the long run and will establish a new young and powerful india.as we know that our country has huge population so government cant give jobs to everyone also the thinking of youth has to be out of the box and open thinking like they dont keen to get jobs but they should try to create and give jobs to others this is a new fresh,innovative and strong thinking which should our youth have to perceive. our government is also promoting and supporting startups to encourage students to dive into entreprenurship and setup a new innovative business model.Nowadays i have seen that many firms and organization in the country or of the outside country are funding small scale innovative startups so now the trend is changing from the conservative mind to open mind but we have to boost this to increase economic activities in india.

How to promote entreprenurship in india

promote entreprenuership in india

so in this section we will talk about the ways to promote entrepreneurship in india and also encourage and involve our youth in it and make it in a trend and give exposure like engineering,medical and CA to it also. There are many effective ways in which we can encourage youth to get into era of startups like first of all the initiative has to be taken by our society by changing their mindset from narrow mindset to open mindset like our society give more preference to jobs over self embloyability or creative things.also media have to play a crucial role in changing mindset because media and films are very much effective in framing our mindset.the initiative has been taken by our government but it should given more boost and exposure because as we know we are one of the youngest country in the world (means our major population is young) so we can be the next leaders and emerging superpower of the worls if we able to divert this youth power in a  right,effective as well as  productive way then surely our country will be transformed into a well developed country.Now i will be taking about our past and we have to think this in a deeper aspect. from the past decades we were only consumers means our country was never tried to be a productive country like other nations like china USA etc when talking about innovation in technology and developing or reasearching new things like i will give you a simple example that the students studying in IITs have dream to do job in US in companies like google,apple and facebook but don’t show interest in innovating better things and services that can compete with these countries a fact i want to tell you here that 70% jobs created in US through startups and the trend of startups has in US from a very long time as they have better communication system like better internet connectivity which helps in growing online business but now in india as internet exposure and users are increasing at a very rapid rate thats why every company wants to get in india but we indians don’t want to do it we just want consuming technologies from other countries so we also have to dive into mainstream and make our country’s economy very powerful.

Advantages of entreprenuership

first of all it gives you the power of creating jobs and self employement also it helps in boosting the economy as it increases the economic activities.as we know that india has potential and talent to grow but we didn’t get a right direction if our 30-40% youth dive into self employment and implementing creative skills then our country will be ahead of all nation in next decade as we have that potential and talent but we are wasting it like i will give you a fact that 60-70% engineers are unemployed every year so this is totally waste we have to put this power in a more productive way we don’t have to rely on jobs only we have to create such innovations that can set as examples of their own throughout the world.

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