Success story of Patanjali detailed analysis


Success story of Patanjali

success story of patanjali

So in this I will going to give you a detailed analysis of success story of Patanjali.we all know that patanjali is a pure indian brand which delivers products in FMCG section and it got a huge success from past few years so I will give you some more information about it and then I will tell you the detailed reasons behind the success of patanjali.

First of all I will share some of the facts of patanjali which you may or may not know.Patanjali is founded in 2006 but got success in over past years.Patanjali is an indian FMCG company having worth of revenue more then 1.6 billion dollars equals to 10000 crore INR which gives it the tag of second most big company in FMCG sector in india after Hindustan unilever.Patanjali has more than 200000 employee.It’s headquarter and manufacturing setup is mainly situated in Haridwar.Also Patanjali’s growth rate is very good you can imagine its impact by this that big companies like fair&lovely and colgate started selling ayurvedic products.Patanjali recently also opened largest food park in India in Nagpur and a research institute worth of 200 crore in Haridware which aims to make ayurvedic medicines to treat diseases.Ramdev baba owns only 2% of total Patanjali share.patanjali also do lots of charity work.So it is good to see that now Indian brands are giving tough competition to foreign brands.

Reasons behind the success story of Patanjali

There are too many factors behind the success story of Patanjali lets now get a litter bit deeper and analyse.we all know that Patanjali is not the first company to provide ayurvedic products there are too many companies before patanjali so whats the difference lets analyse.As I said there are too many factors but the major factor I found is that If you notice that before Patanjali ayurvedic companies like Baidyanath selling like its products in old conventional style like churan,chatni or like mainstream ayurveda so Patanjali found an big opportunity here in Indian market that is delivering pure and healthy products through FMCG sector which is easily used by everyone in daily life.also Patanjali started delivering its ayurveda products through daily life FMCG products at a reasonable or in some cases cheaper rate. This is a major reson behind it because before patanjali, ayurvedic sold in traditional way or mainstream ayurveda like churan,chatni,medicine which is costly and people did’t want to use it as a daily life usage so Patanjali filled this gap and cracked an opportunity here. There are also some other factors like the popularity and trust factor of baba Ramdev,leadership by Balkrishna and marketing the product in a way like people needs. Baba ramdev marketed the product as pure, profits is for charity which it is and also keep the wealth in india itself in a very right time when people started giving preference to indian products and company.

The factors including the trust and promising value it created, bring ayurveda in daily life FMCG products in a reasonable rate and promoted products with sentiments like patriotism and charity which it is in a very right time is behind the success story of Patanjali.

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