Should you buy 1 lakh Rs Iphone x


Should you buy 1 lakh Rs Iphone x

1 lakh rs Iphone x

In this article I will give you a brief idea so that you can decide should you buy 1 lakh Rs Iphone x or not because before purchasing the most expensive phone ever which is priced at 1 lakh rs you have to aware about all the pros and cons of this smartphone,so lets begin.

First of all I have to clear this point at the very beginning of article that this article is not meant for rich and true loyal Apple fanboys because they can afford it and then flaunt it,they will buy it in anyhow so this article is not meant for this category.

Now lets just dive into our main article.In the recent Apple event held on tenth anniversary of Apple three major Iphones were launched Iphone 8,Iphone 8 plus,Iphone X(10). There is no meaning of buying an Iphone 8 or 8 plus if you are already an Iphone user so don’t waste your time and money on giving attention to Iphone 8 because it is only a little upgraded version of last year flagship Iphone 7 there is no major difference betwwen them except wireless charging and processor.

Now lets just talk about the this year flagship from Apple which is Iphone 10(X) because it i 10th anniversary of Apple thats why Apple named it Iphone 10(X).First  of lets talk about the high lighting features it has an oled display with highest PPI(pixels per inch) ever on an smartphone so it has the best display. It has a full bezzel less design Aplle called it edge to edge display.It’s camera has been upgraded now it has OIS in both dual cameras and can able to record 4K video on 60 fps which is surely the best video recording feature till date any smartphone can have. It has A11 bionic chip which is quite a bit faster. now the Apple had removed touch ID like similarly last year it removed 3.5 mm jack. Now Apple had introduced a new feature called face ID there a lots of sensors that can track your face 3D dimension through AI (artificial intelligence).first a sensor projects 30000 infrared dots on your face then then infrared sensore tracks it and A11 bionic chip process it and make your phone way more secure. you can also use this feature for creating live emojis through an AI based system. all the  above feature fascinates us and keen us to buy it but the price is too much, in India the 64 gb version costs 90000 rs and the 264 gb version costs approx 1 lakh INR that is too much for a smartphone. If you are a wise person then you will not spend this much amount just only for an Iphone because you will do the same regular work on this phone that you are presently doing on your phone like facebook,whatsapp,emails,multimedia etc. you can do all these works easily on an 30-40 thousand smartphone. I am admitting that this iphone is very good but the problem is that this is way more overpriced and doesn’t give justice to its price. spending a lakh rupees just only on a phone has not any meaning.

Also the cons of the 1 lakh rs Iphone X is that you can’t use dual sim,dedicated micro sd card and 3.5 mm jack so isn’t it irony think deeply about it.

So make wise decision. If you like this article then do share it with your friends and community and also you can ask any query through the comments section down below. thanx for reading my article, you can read more interesting articles like this on my blog section.


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