Should you be afraid of job cuts due to automation


Should you be afraid of job cuts due to automation

So in this blog I will be telling you about that should you afraid of job cuts due to automation and if the the answer is yes then how to deal with it means I will also be talking about that how you can make yourself to be on safer side so that automation will not affect yours job and professional life so keep reading the full blog.

 job cuts due to automation

First of all we all have to understand a very basic point which implements in almost all aspects of life is that nothing is certain means everything is uncertain in this world. As of now the world is changing is very rapidy with a progressive nature. So if we have to cope up and meet the expectation of this growing world then we have to change our mindset from conservative nature to progressive nature. we have to develop ourselves constantly and expertise our skills to meet the requirements.  If you able to understand the importance of above said points then you do not have to afraid of job cuts due to automation or else. another point you have to understand that if the job cuts due to automation then also other types of advanced jobs will be created but you have to be expertise in that skills so that you can do justice with that thats why I have told you that as a human being we have to continously develop ourselves and expertise our skills.

First of all I will tell you that which types of jobs are in danger due to automation. jobs which have repeated same process, same working methodology and dont have skills like management,innovation,research,creativity etc are in danger like accountant,labours,drivers,cashier,delivery man etc you can see that these type of jobs have repetitive process kind of nature so these jobs will be cut due to we have to understand that as a human being who has a progressive nature now we are not made for such types of jobs. we have to move our thinking a step further in order to progress and expertise our skills. we have to move futher towards entreprenuership,sports,creative fields,research,STEM etc to be on safer side. also it is my personal suggestion that we have to leave our job oriented mindset which is totally conservative in nature and oblige us to be in our comfort zone which is not good for our progress. we have to leave this mindset and try to build our own empire whether it is small or big doesnt matter according to our field of interest and passion.

 job cuts due to automation full analysis

Now I will give you some examples of automation so you can undertand how this is going to be. Lets take the example of amazon this company is investing billions of dollars in R&D of drone delivery so this will cut the jobs of delivery man. also amazon has successfully tested a prototype of human less store in which you can buy your goods and simply get out the store without paying and calculating the sensors will automatically and digitally cuts the money from your amazon wallet balance so for this there is no need of cashier and accountant so this will also cuts the job. big tech giants are investing billions and billions of dollars on projects like artificial intelligence,3D printing,driver less cars etc so this will cuts around 30% of total jobs.  so there is only way to be on safer side is to constantly expertise ourselves and develop ourselves to meet the requirements.

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