Refereum ico review and project analysis


Refereum ICO review and project analysis

In this article you will get to know about the detailed project analysis of refereum and refereum ico review.Refereum token details and a detailed analysis of the fundamental concept of refereum.Important points to know before investing in refereum ico.

refereum ico review
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1.) What is Refereum project

Lets first discuss about the refereum project. The main thing about any ICO project to evaluate is that if it’s foundation concept can be understand easily.

Refereum main idea or concept is to introduce 100 billion$ gaming marketing industry in blockchain technology. we know the potential of gaming industry so refereum is targeting a potential carrying industry which is gaming industry.

Refereum mainly wants to minimize the game developer cost for marketing by directly paying to influencers who stream and share that developer’s game and promoting the game to only targeted and interested buyers.

With refereum the game developers has no longer need of marketing middlemen to promote their game, they can direcly reward influencers who are promoting their game by streaming or video. refereum is also working with twitch to improve their services.

Buying and sharing of game will become hassle free and fast process with refereum token. If we summarize refereum then it will be Refereum wants to bring gamers community to blockchain network to secure game purchases on blockchain and eliminating fraud and high fees. Refereum wants to break traditional concept of advertising.

2.) Refereum ICO review

Now lets talk about the Refereum ico. there are two stages for ico to be successful one is the fundamental concept of the project and second one is the effective execution of that fundamental  concept. I believe that the fundamental concept of this ico is very unique and beautifully made to fulfill the market the backend team who are executing this concept are also very legit and experienced. also one main point I forgot to mention about refereum ico is supported by famous game developers like unity,daybreak,zynga,ubisoft etc.

Also refereum has managed to create a community of game promoters and streamers of over 200,000 persons. It has created good amount of hype in the market which is good for ico to be successful.also the team behind this project have a years of experience in gaming industry and belongs to very big gaming developer companies like IGN,unity,ubisoft,EA etc.

I found this ico to be very legit,well researched and developed with a very great and unique concept. I have also studied the whitepaper which is very well written easy to understand.

refereum is also currently working with big companies like steam,twitch etc. frankly speaking the refereum project seems to be very potential carrying and will be a true successful ico after electroneum

You should be very careful while invest in ico. only invest that much amount which will not affect you adversely.

you should also believe in the concept and project of the ico. be patient about results while investing in ico.

Refereum will be in the list of top ico’s in 2018 that I believe for sure. These type of ico’s are one in a hundred chance don’t miss it.

Keep your ethereum ready for the ico. I believe it will sold out very fast because of its hype.

3.) Refereum ico details and refereum token details

  • Refereum token symbol – RFR
  • platform – ethereum based token ERC20
  • total quantity – 5 billion tokens
  • token sale date – 8th feb 2018
  • price per token – 0.01$ per token


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