Reasons for bitcoin bull run in 2018


So in this post, I will give you the strong reasons for bitcoin bull run in 2018. We all know that every year bitcoin experiences bull run several times by whales so we will discuss that. Also, I will give you the detailed analysis of the upcoming bitcoin bull run.

Disclaimer-This post is just for educational purpose. We will not responsible for any loss. Do your own study before investing.

Bitcoin bull run in 2018

We all keen to know that when the next bitcoin bull run is coming. We all experienced one bitcoin bull run till today this year. In 2017 we experienced strongest bull run till now. So in this post, I will be sharing some stats, strategy, and proofs for the next bitcoin bull run.

Now, this is the time for re-entry in the market and take advantage so kindly read the full post to know every information in detail.

Bitcoin Stats to know

If we see bitcoin rate from January 2018 to till date we can see that from Jan 8 bitcoin starts loosing and gets into a big dip up to 6500$. And from there it has fallen three times up to 7200$ till now. As bitcoin has a very strong support at 6500$. It has been noted that after the January dip whenever btc dips to 7000$ it recovers strongly from there up to 7600$. We noticed this pattern several times after that dip.

Now you might be thinking that why I am sharing these stats. Let me tell that before going further study it is very important to know these stats.

Now I will answer the main question “when the bull run is coming”. Let’s find it out. I will answer the question through this image. Before proceeding let me tell you that the next bull run which is coming will not be that much huge. It will take the bitcoin up to 9000$ so it is the right time for making a decent profit in a short time. Now let’s move further and try to decode this image.

bitcoin bull run

Understanding recent patterns of bull runs

This image shows the pattern of bitcoin of over 5 months. here you can see that after 50 days of dip it rises up to 10000$ and again goes to dip for 36 days up to 6700$. Now again btc rises to 8900$ in 27 days and then after goes low to 7200$ in 23 days which is till now. so now again btc starts rising and till now it reached 7600$ and it has more room for increment.

If we consider this pattern true which is likely to be then at the time of writing this article bitcoin will grow for the next 27 days up to 9000$. Also, we can notice that the time period of growth after the dip is usually the same 27 days and dip percent is 12% in the last 6 months. And the duration of going dip is decreasing we can clearly see from the image from 50 to 23 days. And the next dip duration after this bull run will be of 13 days according to this image.


Keep in mind that this image shows the pattern of bitcoin for past 6 (not a small time)  months. so this image has a strong possibility of being true.

So it is a great time to re-enter in the market and make a decent profit in 20-25 days. So we have concluded from this image that in June bitcoin will experience a bull run up to 8900$. And then it will go to dip for 13 days and then it again rise in July for up to 10500$.

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