Mindset of successful people


In this article I will talk about the mindset of successful people,how they approach to a problem and why they think out of the box even though I am not successful yet but I did noticed some of the common elements which all the big achievers have so lets dive into it.

mindset of successful people

Here you have to know that in this blog I will try to analyze the approachability and thinking of big achievers like Bill Gates,Steve Jobs,A.P.J Abdul Kalam etc using my experience and knowledge so don’t get me wrong. First of all I have noticed that the most common element I have seen in almost all big achievers is that they don’t want to live in their comfort zone or they don’t want to limit their life just to be in a comfort zone they want to get out of their comfort zone and give some revolutionary results. Another element they have is that they don’t want to live for themselves only they want to improve other people life also.

Mindset of successful people

Now the main part I would be talking about is their mindset like how they thinks and how they approache problems. In the above para I talked about their nature but now I will talk about their mindset which is the most important part because mindset is the only thing that makes someone special and extraordinary.First element that I notice in their mindset is that they never wants to give up in any how. Also their mindset is to solve a problem not just complaining to god,destiny they wants to learn from every situations and grow out of it also their mindset is to keep learning and keep growing in any age e.g. Bill Gates still attends business lectures and seminars. Most important element in their mindset is that they notices small small things happening in their lives very closely in order to increase their life skills which we ignores means they examines every little things very closely and give importance to it. another important factor in their mindset is that they think like a pro now I don’t know how this thing gets into their mindset.In simple words they think extraordinary I will give you two best examples.

mindset of successful people

Bill gates said” I will find the most lazy person for the most difficult task because he will try to find the most easy path for it.”

A.P.J Abdul Kalam said” If you want to shine like sun then you also have to burn like sun.”

Another thing is that they focus on their main work not on results like they treat results as a bi product and they all read a lot of books by the word a lot means a lot 50-60 quality books every year and not just they read it but as I said above they thinks it vey deeply.

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