How marks oriented mindset of students is decreasing the quality of education


How marks oriented mindset of students is decreasing the quality of education

In this article I will discuss about a very serious matter that is how marks oriented mindset of students is decreasing the quality of education.since our country’s future is dependant on our youngsters and their potential will depend on the quality of education.

marks oriented mindset

First thing we have to admit that education doesn’t meant to just having skills in some particular subjects. the true meaning and motive of education is to nurture the thinking capabilities,analytical skills and understanding level so that he can use these skills in every point of his practical life but nowadays it seems that the motive of education is just to score marks in any how. present education is preparing students for how to score marks the whole system is becoming marks fousing or marks oriented resulting into decreasing the true motive and quality of education. I have realized that students are just focusing on marks not on real juice of education. The mindset of a student should in a way that marks are just a by product of education but in reality reverse is happening they think that if they focus on so called marks then they are good in education which is in reality is a myth. I will not blame the students only but the teachers,relatives,parents and our education system is equally resposible for this because they all create the situation in which student mindset becomes marks oriented not knowledge oriented. If you are a student and if you notice around you that everybody asks you for the marks nobody will ask you question for calculating your potential.

Does the education should be marks oriented ?

A straight answer is no because if you look the methodology of education in west or foreign they are not marks centric or marks oriented. there assessment is totally based your grasping skills and understanding level and their process of evaluating it is so good and efficient that it really helps students to assess their skills. now I tell you the methodology of here I will just give you an practical example which you all have faced that most of your 10th class or 12th class teacher tells you like ” students mark the question no. 6 at page 34 it is very important question and is of 6 marks and coming continously from 3 years” and students mark such question and scored marks in any how and get passed. that should not be the process of delivering education we have to change our mindset and should update ourselves so that we can also compete with the foreign world.

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