Jio coin ico full details from inside leaked sources


Jio coin ico full details from inside leaked sources

jio coin ico
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Please note that till now there is no official confirmed information from jio about jiocoin details.All the below information are just speculative news from sources.If Jio announces any news about jio coin we will instantly publish the official information and details. so add my site to bookmarks in your browser so  that you can get official instant updates.

In this article I will give you necessary details about jio coin ico which is coming from inside sources of Jio about its own cryptocurrency called  “Jio coin”. note that these are not the confirmed news, these information are just speculation from leaked sources. Also note that nowadays many people are doing scams in the name of Jio coin ICO in various groups of whatsapp so beware of that. whenever Jio announces this ICO there will be proper official press conference and official release on its own official Jio platform. Also there will be proper release of white paper and all the details like which algorithm it is based on, how blockchain will perform, all the details will be separately released on their official website. so beware of these scams going on whatsapp groups.

Now lets talk on the main topic ” Jio coin ICO”. first of all I will tell you that jio coin is confirmed officially that the big giant Jio is now stepping into cryptocurrency market because nowadays cryptocurrency is a trendy topic and people are showing tremendous interest over it. ICO means initial coin offering means you can buy coins or tokens at a early stage before it hits the cryptocurrency exchanges. Jio is also planning to launch its own exchange like koinex,bittrex etc. also jio is planning to list Jio coin into bittrex and poloniex which can give tremendous market cap to jio coin and profits to its investors. so the plan is very big and the company behind this is very big so we can expect very good results.

As per leaked sources Jio coin ico is planned to launched in mid februrary and the starting price will be 0.5 dollars per token. The main fundamental  plan of Jio behind Jio coin is to use blockchain technology in the field of telecommunication in order to exempt all types of roaming charges including international roaming. (Do note that these are not confirmed news these are just speculative news based on leaked sources). We all know that if Jio is planning to implement this then there will be a good research and development done by Jio. There is a team of 50 people only youngsters with an average age of 25 in the research and development of blockchain which is very good sign because old people are not showing excitement to blockchain technology they just criticizing this, calling blockchain a ponzi scheme. so Jio is not taking pessimistic and negative people. Also this team is led by a youngster who is akash ambani son of mukesh ambani. Any ICO to become successful team should be strong and team is looking strong.

Nowadays blockchain technology is used by many sectors like medical,avaiation,banks etc. blockchain technology is a very beautiful technology which reduces many types of problems because it is decentralized system and can’t be changed or revert back also it helps in raising funds through ICOs or issuing tokens. (Note- If you want to know more on blockchain technology,ICOs,cryptocurrencies in depth then do follow our blog I will post many articles related to it and to make it easy for you to undestand this).

Also many people in India or outside India criticizing bitcoins and cryptocurrencies because of its price volatility and price fluctuation. My complaint to such people is that they don’t even try to research this thing, they just spread  negativitity and making people beware to buy this. They only intended to see the negative things, they should also study the positive side of blockchain technology that how this technology is revolutionizing the data management systems. In India there is a misconception that these are investment methods or commodities with high risk. My advise to such people is that first they have to research about blockchain and cryptocurrencies on their own then they should comment on this.

Jio coin is also increasing the chances that our govt can regulate cryptocurrenies in the country which will be a good sign because many people are doing scams in the name of cryptocurrencies. my personal advice to people is that first they educate themselves about these things before investing and also only invest that much amout which you don’t care and can hold patiently. Jio coin is a good answer to the people who just criticizes cryptocurrencies without understanding its technological side and say to put a ban in India. If we ban it in India then our country will go 5-6 years back because then we can’t take advantage of blockchain technology.

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