Indian students are becoming business leaders


Indian students are becoming business leaders

indian students are becoming business leaders

So in this blog we will be talking about how indian students are becoming business leaders  and giving tough competition to the business world.nowadays i have seen that indian students are bringing a huge change to the society and setting examples for others.

How indian students are bringing change towards society

As now this world is changing and developing very fast itself so we have to accept that the old days are gone and society have to leave their conservative type of mindset and should enters into the new fresh innovative and open thinking the way indian students are adopting it is not like old days in which the meaning of success is very limited like engineering,doctor,govt job,CA etc. nowadays students are getting rid out of this thinking and they are chaging the world by developing new innoations in field of creativity or specially startup businesses. most of the students wants to run their own innovative company and contribute something to their country and world they not want to live the life as their parents were like getting a secured job and then get married and then involve in their children and then die this is not the way of living the life into fullest. now students want something different in their life they want to get out of their comfort zone and innovate  a masterpiece to set a example in the world. some years we all have the conservative and conventional type of thinking which is totally based on our comfort zone and purely job oriented means everyone wants a high paying secure job but nowadays students are devloping their own innovative business ideas this is how the trend is changing in india.

Bill gates says that “if you born poor that is not your fault but if you die poor that is totally your fault

I have seen some real examples like that a blind student Srikanth bolla rejected by IIT builded a 50 crore company on his own and became CEO of his company and now also giving jobs to other handicapped people this is a example of true success.

Another real example i want to give here a young indian boy Trishneet Arora builds his own security company called TAC security which has a clients like CBI, Amul industries,Reliance industries,vadodra police and etc he is just 23 years also he failed his 8th class and now became a entrepreneur.

indian students are becoming business leaders

Theses are young leaders who have a vision of self making and innovative mindset. our country needs more examples like these and now students are now diverting to self making and developing industry going into field of startups. now the methods of doing business is changed totally now one can start business from limited money also if he has a clarity vision you can get funding from angel funding or venture trend is changing and it has to be changed because we have to become leaders not followers jusst by doing IIT or medical and doing job in other countries this should not be the aim of your life if you want to live it different. our youth has too much potential that we dont have depend on other countries in terms of business setup,innovation etc. we should now focus on developing rather than consuming. we have too much power and potential that we can give tough competition to big players like google,apple facebook. now the time has come to bring change in our mind.

change your mindset from conservative mindset to open and broad thinking.

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