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As we all know that our cryptocurrency market is struggling nowadays. The reason behind it is that the majority of investors is the normal people who are very sensitive towards the news, FUD etc. To stabilize and boost up the market we need institutional investors. If you notice that, the trading platforms which are available do not provide advanced trading facilities. If Institutional investors came to our market it will bring trillions of dollars. So there have to be advanced trading platforms in order to attract institutional investors just like the stock market.

Disclaimer*** – Please read the full article before making any quick judgment. Also, this article is not meant for the promotional purpose it is for educational purpose. We are not financial advisors and we will not responsible for any losses or profits it is all yours. Once again this is for educational purpose.

Future of cryptocurrency trading

As I said above to boost the crypto market, institutional investors will play the vital role. Can you imagine that an investment firm with billions of dollars will trade in exchanges like binance,bittrex etc. The answer is no it is not possible for core investors to use these kinds of platforms. professional stock market investors use the desktop application to invest and manage their funds. These expert investors use many different kinds of concepts like futures trading, butterfly pattern etc which until now had not introduced in crypto trading. So there has to be a platform for such investors so that they can extend themselves to crypto market as well. So we have talked about the problems now let’s talk about the solution.

idap ico review trading platform concept analysis

Let me tell you about the project a bit deeper. First of all the very basic thing is that the exchange is focusing on attracting institutional investors. This will be a desktop application just like as in the stock market. Idap(International digital asset platform) launched its ICO in order to develop the platform. Also, nobody has touched on this concept or worked on it so it is a fresh and unique concept.  This is going to be a one step further from regular exchanges. It will be having some advanced trading tools for the big investors. The concept is really promising to me if executed perfectly. Now you know about the project let’s now talk about its ICO. ico review

Before beginning the Idap ICO review I have noticed two-three points which makes this project very appealing.

  •  In their smart contract, it is mentioned that if the soft cap is not reached then all the BTC and ETH will be given back to corresponding buyers.
  • All the IDAP tokens of the team members will be locked for two years and 25% will be unlocked after every 6 months so that they can’t dump the tokens.
  • All the tokens of the advisors are also locked for one year.
  •   20% of IDAP tokens received as fees will be burned till supply reaches 500mn.

So these are some points which make the project very promising.

Details of the ICO

The idap token is based on etherium blockchain platform(ERC-20). They are ensuring lifetime zero trading fees when purchased more than 20000 Idap tokens.

  • Token name – IDAP
  • Token type – ERC-20
  • Total supply – 1 billion tokens
  • Soft cap – 250 million tokens
  • Hard cap – 750 million tokens
  • ICO token price – 0.03 USD

If you want to read the white paper of the project just go to official website.

Also whenever the tokens burned till 500 mln token, prices will increase for sure. If you take the example of binance own token or Kucoin token they have increased tremendously. As this exchange is one step further from regular exchanges and looks promising also attracting institutional investors token price will increase at a good rate.

Some advanced features of this exchange which is new to crypto trading
  • Futures crypto trading
  • ‘options’ crypto trading
  • crypto indices derivatives
  • spot trading
  • OTC trading
  • P2P trading
  • Exchanges traded funds (ETF)
  • ICO venture fund
Advanced trading tools
  • Desktop application, Idap ladder, matrix, spreader, implied order and Idap simulator.

I think these advancements in crypto trading will make the market more mature and at the same time, it will attract institutional investors to our crypto market.

Also, this exchange is not only for institutions but for normal persons as well. This exchange wants people to start advance level of trading in cryptocurrency.

Also they have built the platform and available but to go to larger extent they need investors thats why they are doing an ICO.


All the major ico rating agencies given a high rating to the project. you can see below the rating

  • trak ico rating – 5/5
  • wiser ico – 5 stars out of 5 star
  • findico – 5/5
  • foundico – 9.1/10
  • ico bench – 4.4/5
  • medium – 10/10 in project vision and overall 8.7/10

Here is a review by for you can read it.

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