How to keep bitcoins safe and hack proof


How to keep bitcoins safe and hack proof

So in this blog I will be discussing about a very important and crucial topic related to bitcoins that is how to keep bitcoins safe and hack proof. I will give you some tips and some information associated to this topic.

There is no doubt that bitcoins/cryptocurrencies will be the future of currency as their trend and users is exponentially increasing day by day and also the price of bitcoin. bitcoin is becoming nowadays a very hot topic for everyone because everyone wants to get engaged with this new technology of doing transactions. so further without wasting your time lets just straight dive into our main topic.

How to keep bitcoins safe

Some common myths related to bitcoins

First of all let’s talk about some of the common myths and misunderstandings related to bitcoins just to spread some awareness. Most of the people keep their bitcoins in bitcoin exchange wallet and think that it is totally safe and they are the owners of that bitcoins this is totally a myth and misunderstanding if you keep your bitcoins in bitcoin exchange wallet then technically you are not the owners of your bitcoins because that bitcoin exchange has your bitcoin’s private coins which means that that exchange can take your bitcoins with them if they stopped their services by any means like if they were going in losses or bankrupt etc. another thing has to be noticed here is that your are relying on them for your bitcoin security means if someone hacks that exchange then your bitcoins are it is better to use bitcoin exchange only for buying/selling bitcoins not for storing bitcoins because that is risky. another myth I want to enlighten is that some people thinks that bitcoins are hack proof that is totally a myth bitcoins are hackable and once you loses your bitcoins it cant be reversed.

Don’t be panic I will tell you some steps and tips which if you follow then your bitcoins will be more secure.

Tips to keep bitcoins more secure

How to keep bitcoins safe

First of all don’t keep your bitcoins on bitcoin exchange wallet.I will give you three methods for storing bitcoins which are way more secure.

1- you can store your bitcoin in blockchain wallet

2-you can store your bitcoin in the paper wallet

3-you can store bitcoin in hardware wallet

If you want to store bitcoin in blockchain wallet then I suggest you to keep not much bitcoins in it keep the adequate amount in it. always keep your blockchain wallet extra layer of security enable there are many security feature in blockchain wallet like 2 step verification etc, disabling TOR browser login etc.

you can store your bitcoin in paper wallet it is very safe and hack proof but in this method you have to keep the private keys of that paper wallet if you want more information in paper wallet then just research on youtube because in blog I can’t able to give much information about it because it is easier to learn and understand it through video demonstration.

bitcoin hardware wallet is most safest and 100% hack proof way to store bitcoin there are many devices in market but I recommends Trezor bitcoin wallet you can purchase it through amazon. If you want to know more about this then you can go through youtube videos on it.I highly recommends this device when you have high number of bitcoins.

Some bonus tips

Dont keep too much or high amount of bitcoins in blockchain wallet you can understand this with an example that in real world you keep little cash in your pocket and majority of money in banks, same rule applies here keep only adequate amount of bitcoins in blockchain and the rest you can keep in paper wallets and hardware wallets.

Keep your blockchain password strong. password should have combination of small letters,capital letters and special characters,numbers.

Do not ever share your highly secret credentials associated with your bitcoins with anyone and make sure that the credentials are not accessible to nobody like your blockchain wallet recovery pattern or paper wallet private keys and etc.

Thanx for reading my blog do share this with your friends to spread awareness and give your feedback through comments in comments section down below.


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