Electroneum is the perfect recipe of success


In this article, I will discuss why ” Electroneum is the perfect recipe of success”. Do note that I am not pointing towards ETN’s price but I am telling about mass adoption. See ETN’s main objective is mass adoption if it happens then the price will automatically increase as a byproduct. So we have to focus on its mass adoption, the price will increase afterward. So let’s now discuss that does ETN have that kind of platform.

*** DISCLAIMER – please read the full post thoroughly before passing any hate comments. This article is not meant for the promotional purpose, it is for educational purpose. We are not financial advisors and we will not responsible for any losses or profits it is all your’s responsibility. This post is just for educational purpose.

Electroneum project analysis

In every aspect of life if the foundation and basics are not strong then it is good for nothing. Electroneum foundational concept is very strong and lucrative and its main objective is to bring mass adoption of crypto in daily life. So the concept in itself is very strong and robust which will play a crucial role in the success of ETN. The objective of creating this project is very strong that’s what I feel.


Now let’s talk on the other important things like team performance, marketing, product review and etc. Talking on backend team’s performance they are very active you can see on their official twitter handle and see how they are frequent in updates and solving public issues. Also, they are doing work according to their timeline on the official website and till now they are very close to the timelines. Recently they have launched their beta payment API for vendors to accept payments via ETN. In future, they will add other popular cryptocurrencies as well like bitcoin and ethereum.

Electroneum achievements

After the announcement of beta payment API launch for vendors then electroneum has achieved a lot if we compare it in the current market situations. We know that many coins during this time have not gained much even if they had a great concept. Till now at the time of writing this article crypto market has fallen at its low about 215-218 billion USD market cap. So after the launch of the beta payment system electroneum has achieved as follows:-

  • Electroneum price per token increased from 4-5 times between 2-3 weeks.
  • Its rank in the coinmarketcap website has reached 43rd position straight away from the 100th position in this phase.
  • Also, it has listed in some new exchanges like Okex.
  • Coinbase is also considering to list ETN. If it happens it will be gamechanger but it will not be easy for ETN. They have to deliver their best in implementation skills because there is no fault in concept.
  • Woocommerce has also partnered with ETN for payment system integration.

These above achievements are happening because electroneum is going according to their objectives firmly. Also, because of its foundational concept and its launch of the beta payment system. So it gained a lot much organic attraction which is good for natural sustainable growth not the overrated hype like some shitcoins.

Big moves by Electroneum

Now let us discuss some of the major gamechanger moves by Electroneum team. The very first big move I can say is to apply for a patent of a payment system. Yeah, they have filed a patent for their instantaneous crypto payments platform. I have written a separate article on this patent earlier you can read it here. After that as promised, they have launched their beta version of payment system for vendors. This shows that they are damn serious about instantaneous crypto payment technology. And recently they have announced about KYC compliance of ETN. Some people are skeptical about it but in my opinion, if ETN has to be mass adopted then it should be transparent as well. KYC will bring an edge to transparency for ETN over other cryptocurrencies. Also, it makes ETN the first KYC compliant cryptocurrency.

Now Electroneum can be exchanged for fiat

Recently Electroneum has announced that ETN can now be exchanged for Fiat. Now ETN can be exchanged for USD, Euro, and Turkish Lira. The conclusion is that ETN can now be exchanged for the two most powerful fiat currency which is Dollar and Euro. You can exchange ETN/EUR in Liquid exchange by Quoine global from Nov 5, 2018. Also, people including US citizens can sell/buy ETN for fiat USD and Lira in Turkey’s top exchange Sistemkoin soon. You can see both official announcements here in these tweets.

***Also recently electroneum has listed on one of the biggest crypto exchange which is Hitbtc.

I think Electroneum is going in the right direction with an objective of mass adoption and also to become a hassle-free payment system so that normal people can also explore and know about cryptocurrencies. According to research, only 1% of people in the world are using cryptocurrencies. So it should be increased in future and ETN can play a crucial role in it.

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