Does a idea is the only key factor for successful startups


Does a idea is the only key factor for successful startups

key factor for successful startups

So in this blog we will discuss about the factors leading the successful startups and also that a idea is the only key factor for successful startups.

First of all we have to know that to start a startup the first ingredient is the idea or niche on which your startup is based on but to make it successful it needs a lot of ingredients which i will tell you later in this blog. there is a common myth in most of the people thinks that generally an master idea strikes in mind of entrepreneurs and they get rich but in reality this is not the truth.

entreprenuers generally finds out a problem around them and then tries to solve it with their expertise and knowledge for that particular niche like uber is a great example that it solved the problem of taxi and now people can book a cab more easily. so generally these type of innovative ideas come out from the problems around us. there is a myth that a idea strikes in mind of successful entrepreneurs but in reality entrepreneurs solves the problem around us. a common man and a enterpreneur both faces the problems but difference is that common man just make complains all time and an entrepreneur sees an opportunity in it, thinks smartly and tries to solve that particular problem instead of making complains.

key factor for successful startups

Now i will tell you the factors which led to the successful startups. it is true that the root ingredient of a startup is an raw idea but this is not true that idea is the only key factor for making startups successful there are many efforts and difficulties like forming a productive team,reasearch work,market analysis,making and testing prototype model,raising the funds from VC,making the best revenue model,loads of expertise,dedication and hard work from the team and much more depending on the niche so don’t try to underestimate the efforts made by successful entrepreneurs.

There is a common myth in most of the people that for a startup to be successful the only key factor is the idea but as i told you above that this is not the truth. if you are thinking of starting a startup and finding a unique idea that will make you a billions of dollars then it is just like a daydream you have to figure out problems near you and try to solve it by doing commercialization this is the true meaning of a startup or entrepreneurship.also i want to add a very important point that as an entrepreneur you have to learn and gain experience about new things and getting better and better means you have to improve continously by learning new things and gaining experiences.

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