Cheapest way to buy trezor wallet in India


Cheapest way to buy Trezor wallet in India

In this article you will get to know about which is the cheapest way to buy trezor wallet in india or how to buy trezor wallet in india for cheap and how to import trezor wallet in india easily.

Hardware wallets are also known as cold storage.

cheapest way to buy trezor wallet in india
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First of all we have to understand the need of hardware wallet for storing cryptocurrencies. It is important to know that many of the users rely on online exchanges and wallets for storing their bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. You have to understand if you don’t own your private key or backup phrase of your bitcoins then technically you are not the owner of your bitcoin funds. Also if you keep your bitcoins on online exchanges that means your private keys are online 24/7 in that exchange so anybody breaches or try to hack that online exchange that you might loose your bitcoins and you will not able to recover it ever.

Then comes the role of offline hardware wallet which are the safest devices or methods to store bitcoins or any cryptocurrency. hardware wallet stores your private key offline so therefore if the hardware wallet is not connected to your computer then your private keys will be offine and your bitcoins will 100% safe and hackproof.( Note- don’t ever share the backup seed of your hardware wallet with anybody and also don’t loose it keep it in a safe or a secure place.) 

How to buy trezor wallet in India for cheap

cheapest way to buy trezor wallet in inida
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Now lets begin with our main topic “Cheapest way to buy trezor wallet in India”. If you search for trezor wallet in google then you will get search results to buy trezor but they are very expensive around 15-18k rupees.

so we have to directly import it from their official website which costs you around 8k-10k including shipping and custom charges. Also you can directly pay through bitcoins if you don’t have paypal account or international shopping supported credit/debit cards. steps to buy trezor wallet in india for cheap are as follows:-

1.) First go to their official website which is , then click get your trezor button.

2.) Then select color of your choice and then click on add to cart. 

3.) Select delivery preference. There will be two options one is for normal delivery and the other one is for faster delivery. (note that you have to pay extra if you opt for faster delivery).

4.) Then select your country India if you are shipping it in India and then click proceed to checkout.

5.) Then fill the required details like email,address,your name,city,zip code etc as required.

6.) Then check the two boxes of regarding terms & conditions and import duty.

7.) Then make your payment through bitcoins as per instructions.

8.) Use supported wallets only for making transactions like electrum,copay.List of supported wallets will be mentioned there.

9.) Then wait, it will be shipped by DHL services with some extra custom duty.

pricing will be as follows:-

  •   trezor wallet price – 89 euro = 7000 rupees
  • DHL service fee – 26 euro = 2000 rupees
  • custom will be around – 1000-2000 rupees
  •      total will be =  10000 rupees

So it will cost you cheaper if you import it directly from official website.


  1. I bought from TREZOR directly. Your cost calculation is not complete. Here is the correct calculation (with Euro to INR rate of 80.91 as on 29th Apr 2018):

    Wallet Price – 89 Euro = INR 7202
    Shipping – 26 Euro = INR 2103
    Bank Charges @ 3.5% : 4 Euro = INR 323
    Customs Duty & GST = (~29% : Duty+ Cess 11%, GST 18% ) = INR 2698
    DHL Clearance Charges = INR 500 + 18% GST = INR 590
    Total – INR 12916/-

    My friend bought from their auth reseller and it was a lot cheaper that what I paid.


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