Reasons for bitcoin bull run in 2018

So in this post I will give you the strong reasons for bitcoin bull run in 2018. We all know that every year bitcoin experiences bull run several times by whales so we will discuss that. Also I will give you the detailed analysis of upcoming bitcoin bull run. Disclaimer-This post is just for educational … Continue reading “Reasons for bitcoin bull run in 2018”

What future impact electroneum patent can bring

In this article we will discuss in deep that what future impact electroneum patent can bring. We will first analyze the patent in deep and after that we will analyze its future impact on commercial market. Electroneum Patent We all know that the basic foundation concept of electroneum is to make cryptocurrency payments hasslefree. Etn … Continue reading “What future impact electroneum patent can bring”

Transcodium ico review

Transcodium ico review In this article we will deeply analyze the project and give you the Transcodium ico review. Note- content you read on the blog is made so the readers can take maximum benefit from our analysis. We request all the readers to make sure you the projects well before you invest on it. … Continue reading “Transcodium ico review”

Will electroneum hit 1$

In this artice I will try to analyze that will electroneum hit 1$ or how high will electroneum go. Electroneum is the ICO which had attracted the attention of lots of investors and became one of the most successful ICOs. Will electroneum hit 1$ As we all know that initially electroneum is launched at 0.01$ … Continue reading “Will electroneum hit 1$”

Electroneum price prediction 2020

In this blog I will be giving the electroneum price prediction 2020  as well as for 2018 with the help of my own research and understandings. I have seen in youtube and other platforms that people are saying that ETN will reach 100$, 1000$ honestly speaking this is overexpections. I mean it can reach who knows … Continue reading “Electroneum price prediction 2020”