Can someone becomes rich by copying startup idea


Can someone becomes rich by copying startup idea

copying startup idea

So in this blog i will be talking about that can someone becomes rich by copying startup idea. most of the people try to not to disclose or share their ideas with anyone so that nobody can copy it. so now we will discuss deeply that should you share your ideas with others.

First of all i want to tell you that if you ask anybody for their business ideas most of the people say that they have the ideas but they never implemented or executed in their real practical life so this is a very big mistake which most of the people does that they did not even try because of their personal problems or because of their comfort zone. so why i am telling you this point is that not everyone has a gut to start a startup so you can share your ideas with others nobody will copy it.

If they will try to copy your idea then remember the points i will telling you in this blog that there is only 1% contribution of idea and 99% remaining contribution is of best possible implementation and execution if you are very passionate about your idea then only you are the perfect executor for that particular idea. also i want to tell you something that a successful startup requires a great team,a good leader,perfect reseach work and knowledge and much more so if someone has your idea then it is not possible to execute perfectly by others.

A successful startup requires a lot dedication and hardwork from you and as well as from your team so roughly speaking a successful startup needs a perfect tuning with each and every department so it becomes very tough for everyone to execute a successful startup so feel free to share your startup idea. but here i want to tell you very important that here i am talking only about the rough startup idea not the business model and prototype that you have build and research which are the secrets for any company so do not share these type of secret details with anyone.

copying startup idea

Now i know you might think that there are some successful startups which are copied from other countries then here is your answer that if you look at the examples like flipkart which is a copy of amazon and alibaba but here you have to understand that flipkart copyied the model which are already well established and successful in other countries like think that there is a well established cake bakery shop in a city but there is place very far from that city at which people did not tasted any cake in their life so if another person opens the cake bakery shop in that place so basically it does not called copying it is called just filling the voids or emptyness. here you have to understand that here you copied a well established model in a defiecent place which needs that services.

For establishing a startup or making it reality it takes a loads of ingredients like first the rough idea and then your team members which are dedicated to your startup and then you will need leadership skills to build up a perfect tuning with other departments of your company and much more so it is not a piece of cake for any other person to copy your rough idea and work on it  and then building a team and a business model by leaving his comfort zone like job and his personal life so nobody will do that and if he managed to did it in anyhow then it is not sure that it will be successful or not so feel free to share your rough startup idea with anyone.

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