Why Bitcoin will boom in 2018 despite bitcoin ETF postponed


Since bitcoin ETF postponed many people are not optimistic about the market boom as they were before. So in this post, I will tell you why bitcoin will boom this year despite bitcoin ETF postponed. So let’s get started.

*** DISCLAIMER – please read the full post thoroughly before passing any hate comments. This article is not meant for the promotional purpose, it is for educational purpose. We are not financial advisors and we will not responsible for any losses or profits it is all your’s responsibility. This post is just for educational purpose.

Bitcoin ETF Postponed

bitcoin etf postponed

As of now, CBOE bitcoin ETF approval date in the US SEC is postponed from 16th August to 30th September. After this news bitcoin almost broke up to 5900 USD which created a panic situation among btc holders. We should know the fact that ETF is postponed not disapproved then also many people sold their btc. Only this single news created such kind of panic in our crypto market but btc has a very strong support at 5800 USD which thankfully it didn’t break. Many people are now believing that bitcoin ETF will not be approved if you are one of them then please read my post about bitcoin ETF approval in detail. In short, I can say that the big players or whales are playing with your emotions so that they can accumulate bitcoin at a cheap rate and after the ETF is approved they can make huge profits.

Manipulation by big players

In future, many huge projects are in process to launch this year in which bitcoin ETF is one of them. So whales and big players just want to accumulate btc as cheap as possible so they just manipulating the market. I will also discuss some of the upcoming huge projects other than ETF further in this post. Also, I want to say please keep patience if you want the best price for your investment or just decide a good stop loss. Don’t follow the market movement every time in the panic because sometimes it is just the manipulation by big players.

Basically, big players want to create the perception among the people that this year no bull run will going to happen. so that they can make the most out of our emotions. I am not saying that surely this year bull run is coming but we can not totally ignore it. These type of situation makes easy for them to manipulate the market. Also, I want to say that right now 70-75% people became very much mature and because of this bitcoin didn’t fall below 5800 USD.

More upcoming bitcoin projects 2018

Many exciting projects are yet to launch in 2018 along with Bitcoin ETF which can make crypto mainstream which most people wants but we have to control our emotions in such kind of market manipulation. So let’s talk about some of the upcoming bitcoin projects in 2018.

  1. NYSE owner is planning to launch a new proper federally regularise platform in November 2018 which aims to make bitcoin a trusted widely accepted global currency. It will eventually result in high inflow of institutional money. Starbucks is already agreed to accept payments in cryptocurrency via Bakkt you can read full details here.
  2. Also Wall Street is working on a new platform which will ease the trading, storing and spending cryptocurrencies. You can read this story here.
  3. Blockchain gets stamp of approval from China. We will conclude that Chinese government are now supporting blockchain technologies which is good for the crypto market because China can make a huge impact in the market. you can read this full story here.
  4. The Indian government is also now planning to regulate cryptocurrency this year.

Also, there is a very high chance that bitcoin ETF filed by CBOE will get approval. CBOE has proposed full responsibility of the funds that’s why the approval chances are high.

All the above projects are very big projects if successfully implemented then bitcoin will boom this year. That’s why big players want to accumulate as much as bitcoin they can at the cheapest. So there is nothing to worry just have some patience and wait for the best.

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