Best altcoins under $1 that can explode in 2019


Okay, you are looking for the best altcoins under $1 to book huge profits in the future. You will get a detailed analyzed list of altcoins in this article. As we all know 8 years ago bitcoin was less than a dollar now it is in thousands of dollar and will increase in the future. In order to book such kind of profits, the following points should be kept in mind.

  • You have to be patient
  • Choose a coin which has less quantity
  • Have a very strong fundamental concept so that can be used by masses in future and listed on big exchanges

***Disclaimer – Now keep in mind that anyone can’t become rich overnight so don’t gamble. Invest only that much which you can afford to lose. Also, keep in mind that it is not the way of earning passive profits/income. Also, do your own research before investing I will not be responsible for any loss. This article is just meant for educational purpose. 

best altcoins under $1

Best altcoins under $1

Recently Fidelity launched its platform for institutional investors to enter in crypto. Also, Bakkt has announced to be launching in December 2018 which is developed by NYSE owner. There are positive speculations on Bitcoin ETF that it can be approved by US SEC. All these above strong implications can drive trillions of dollars to crypto market which can create a huge in market cap of all altcoins. So the best altcoins under $1 with strong concepts and less quantity can give you huge profits in 2019. If you want to know more about Bitcoin ETF in detail then you should read this article. I will put a detailed article on Bakkt and Fidelity in coming days so stay tuned. At the time of writing this article market is at its low and it is the right time to enter the market.

As you know there are many cheap coins in the market which is pumped by some manipulators to create overrated hype and create FOMO. You can identify such coins by studying their objective and concepts. So always do your own research before buying anything and buy only if you believe in its concept and market. I will only tell you the coins which have some strong objective and concept. Now keeping all the above things in mind let’s jump on to the list of best altcoins under $1.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is currently ranking in no-3 in coinmarketcap but sometimes it goes ahead of Ethereum to no-2. I know the point that it is in large quantity but I am suggesting XRP due to its technology and banks adoption. It is used by banks or remittances institutions because it’s blockchain transaction speed is very fast. Recently news came out that MoneyGram, Western Union planning to adopt ripple blockchain. Large enterprises, banks use Ripple for cross-border payments. It can handle 1500 transactions per second and can complete a transaction within 4 sec. Ripple reached up to 3 USD at a time but now it is at 0.4 USD. You can consider it for investment.

Civic (CVC)

Present circulating supply of civic is 350 million which is less so it is good for investment. Civic is used for blockchain enabled identification system which is more efficient than traditional methods. It provides advanced identification tool based on blockchain technology to business firms and individuals. Civic also reached 0.9 USD at a time but currently trading at 0.1 USD.

Electroneum (ETN)

Electroneum is a very ambitious project based in Britain. Its ICO was very successful and it is able to impress big financers like Yahoo finance. Its main objective is to provide an instantaneous crypto payment system to vendors so that crypto can be used by masses in daily life. They have also filed a patent for their payment system. Recently they have launched their beta version of their payment system for vendors. After that its price has reached from 0.005 USD to 0.02 USD and boosted its position from 100th to 45th in about 2-3 weeks. I have written some separate articles on electroneum you can read if you are interested. You can read this :-

1 – Electroneum project review

2 – Electroneum payment system patent 

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano comes under top 10 cryptocurrencies and it is very popular. It had given very huge profits at the time of the bull run. ADA is more than a cryptocurrency rather it is an open source blockchain platform which is designed for financial inclusion for fair financial services. It is developed from a scientific philosophy and by a team of global leading researchers. Till now it has also come down from 1 USD to 0.07 USD so there is a great room for booking profits.

Siacoin (SC)

Siacoin currently ranks 38th position and it is a very underrated coin. I personally liked its concept and I feel it can go very high in the coming years. The main objective of SC is decentralized blockchain based cloud storage. So it has a very strong concept and the market for cloud storage is increasing. Also, blockchain based cloud storage is more efficient than conventional ones. Sia is also a leading in its field. I think it has a great market in the future.


NXT provides users the tool to create their own applications with complete freedom. Users can create applications like asset exchange, data cloud, a voting system and etc with NXT blockchain tool. It currently ranks at 97th position and priced at 0.06 USD. The total number of coins is 1 billion which is decent and it had reached an all-time high 1.28 USD two times before. It can give huge profits at the time of bull run.


TRON comes under top 15 cryptocurrencies. It is a highly appreciated coin and listed on big exchanges. Its mainnet blockchain can handle 2000 transaction per second. TRX focusses on scalability and claims that it can support the enormous number of users. Also, TRON is one of the largest blockchain based operating systems in the world. It comes with an improved reward distribution mechanism. You should consider it for multifold profits.

Vechain (VET)

VET ranked no 19th in total cryptocurrencies. It is one of the earliest blockchain solution provider companies and they have successfully applied it on agriculture, market goods industry. Price Volatility is very less of this coin. Currently, it is priced at 0.01 USD and its all-time high is 0.02 USD. But it a good concept and reputation so it can reach higher in the future bull run.

Ziliqa (ZIL)

Ziliqa blockchain system is also highly appreciated. It has been featured positively in Forbes, Nasdaq, and CNBC. It tries to improve the fundamentals of the blockchain like security, scalability etc. ZIL provides their blockchain system to various businesses and tries to build and provide a decentralized business structure with no middlemen. It can handle 2500 transactions per second so scalability is good. Currently, it is priced at 0.03 USD and its all-time high is 0.2 USD. So there is a great room for booking huge profits.

Syscoin (SYS)

SYS developed a decentralized marketplace called block like Amazon, eBay. There will be no downtime or maintaining fees. Users can buy and sell anything from anywhere with full reliability, security and no credit card fees. Total no. of SYS coins are 880 million and present circulation is 541 million which is less. It had given huge profits whenever the bull rally came. SYS is currently priced at 0.09 USD with an all-time high of 0.22 USD.


Currently, ICX is depreciated too much from the all-time high of 12 USD to 0.6 USD. So you can imagine the amount of profit if an unprecedented bullish rally comes. Also, it is very low on supply, currently the number is 387 million and the total is 800 million coins. It is developing one of the largest decentralized networks in the world. Many financial institutions, hospitals, insurance companies, and universities comprise their decentralized network. They have their own crypto wallet. You should give this coin a high priority in building your crypto portfolio.

All the pricing and volume data is used from Coinmarketcap.

Things to keep in mind

Please keep in mind that only you will be responsible for any profits and losses made by you. Also, in order to book huge profits, you should hold these coins when the crypto market cap goes beyond 1 trillion dollars currently it is at 211 billion dollars. It can only happen when institutional money starts to flow in which is looking possible because of the ETF’s positivity, Bakkt crypto platform (By NYSE owner) and Fidelity. You should enter at the right time and keep patience and sell it at the right time keeping aside greediness.

Remember the rule – Enter to the market when everyone is trying to exit and exit when everyone is entering but apply only to the strong genuine concepts coins. Also, keep patience for the right time.

Thanks for reading this article if you find it interesting then do share it with your friends. If you have any query and feedback please write in the comment box below.




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