Are mobile phones cheap in Dubai


Are mobile phones cheap in Dubai

are mobile phones cheap in dubai

So in article I am going to give you a full detailed answer to the question “are mobile phones cheap in Dubai” with detailed analysis.not just smartphones but the big electronics are also way more cheaper in dubai.Dubai is very popular for shopping it is the place for shopping it has some best international shopping hubs.

are mobile phones cheap in dubai

Since dubai is not an country it is a emirate(state) of the country so throughout the uae electronics are a bit cheaper than usual countries like USA,UK,India etc. because there are no taxes for importing in the UAE from other places but it doesn’t mean that you can get a smartphone cheap very easily. There is no system of MRP in the UAE so retailers sell on the prices on which they want so it is my recommendation if you want to buy smartphones,iphones you should go to local dubai rather to go in big malls or big retailers. In local dubai you can bargain easily and surely you can get a good deal like you can see a price difference of 18000-20000 rupees in expensive phones like iphones when compared to India. so you should go to local dubai,local retailers,local shops and bargain to get a good deal or you should go in festive season for more better deal. Bur Dubai and dierra are best for shopping electronic items there are lots of good local electronics shops. you should also enquire more then 10-20 shops so that you can get a idea from where should you buy because price varies too much from shop to shop in dubai as there is no concept of MRP in the whole UAE.

Other countries which are also best for cheap smartphones

There are other countries also where you can get smartphones and other electonic items at a cheaper rate. The countries other than UAE are Singapore,Malaysia,Hong Kong,South Korea,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Qatar. So if you are from these countries then you can get a good just have to enquire some local shops and also do check the price of that item in India before making a purchase.

Tips for buying an electronic item

First of all In whichever country you are you should find a very popular,crowded and central marketing hub because there are chances of more competition so that you would get whatever you want in a good rate.

Also do not try to import any expensive electronic item in India from foreign online shopping websites because you have to pay customs on it and also you woud not get any type of warranty.

If you are buying iphone from Dubai then do check that if it has facetime enabled or not because in dubai there are two types of iphone you get one is without facetime and one with facetime.

Also purchase any item from other countries only if you are physically present or your known person because then there will be no customs. don’t try to import to India from online shopping websites specially for expensive items.

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